Welcome to a world of lifelong learning with UTS.

We know the world of work is changing and technology is creating new opportunities. So, what do you need to stay ahead? UTS Open offers a variety flexible, on-trend, industry collaborated and career-changing courses to give you the competitive edge at work and in life.

UTS Open draws from the University of Technology Sydney’s extensive postgraduate program and industry connections. Our academic experts and industry partners are here, ready to work with you to solve the problems you face in your current career, creating the new you, or just changing the world. Learning with UTS is a carefully designed hybrid: some of the time you will want to join us, in person, at our central Sydney campus; some of the time, you will want to join us digitally live-and-online; and some of the time you will want to self-study. Hybrid means that this is your choice.

Our free Taster Courses give you just that, a taste of the topic, a taste of what it’s like to learn online and an authentic taste of the postgraduate learning experience at UTS. We’ve started with courses that take three to five hours of your time and all online, so whether you want to learn on your mobile or desktop, you’ve got ultimate learning flexibility to upskill when you want, how you want, commitment free.

UTS Open Short Courses are designed with academic and industry collaboration, and more often than not the courses are delivered by an industry expert. Whether it’s part of your continuing professional development, the need to upskill, develop in-depth knowledge on a particular area relating to your job, or you just want to expand your mind, we’ve got the short course for you. Short courses vary in length and are drawn from a wide range of the areas of study available at UTS.

A small step can lead to big change.

That’s all it takes to upskill, reskill and stay ahead.

Learn something new with UTS Open.