What are digital badges?

Digital badges offer a modern, digital representation of your achievements, acquired skills and competencies. Digital badges can be accessed, verified, displayed and shared online, including LinkedIn, personal websites, email signatures and digital portfolios.

Benefits of a digital badge

Credibility: Digital badges provide a credible and verifiable record of your achievement, enhancing the recognition and value of knowledge and skills.

Portability: Digital badges are portable across digital platforms, making it easy for you to showcase your accomplishments online.

Validation: The metadata embedded within digital badges ensures transparency and authenticity, allowing recruiters or employers to verify the validity of credentials. Digital badges serve as evidence of your skills and achievements, which can be valuable for job applications, further studies, or personal development.

Evidenced commitment: Digital badges demonstrate your commitment and motivation towards ongoing learning and professional development.

UTS Open digital badges

UTS Open issues digital badges to learners who have successfully completed the requirements of their microcredential or short course.

UTS Open digital badges consist of:

  • Visual design – showcasing UTS logo, course name and type
  • Metadata – stating the criteria for earning the badge, acquired skills, course duration and more.

 UTS currently offers two types of digital badges:

  • Microcredential digital badges, and
  • Short course digital badges.

Examples of Microcredential and Short Course digital badge visuals issued by UTS:

UTS Open Microcredential Digital Badge UTS Open Short Course Digital Badge

UTS digital badges are available for courses completed after 15 December 2023 (excluding individual extensions). Unfortunately, we are unable to retrospectively issue digital badges.

Please visit our UTS digital badge catalogue to view short course and microcredential badges.

UTS Open digital badge access

UTS uses My eQuals for issuing digital badges, a trusted platform for accessing, sharing and validating tertiary credentials. When you are issued a digital badge, you’ll receive an email notification from equals@uts.edu.au with instructions on how to set up your account and claim your badge. Creating your My eQuals profile and sharing your badge is easy and free. Visit the My eQuals FAQs page for more information about how to manage your My eQuals account, including log in or access issues.

UTS Open certificates

UTS Open is still issuing digital certificates alongside digital badges. Your UTS Open certificate notification will be sent from no-reply@connect.uts.edu.au. You can access your certificate by logging into your UTS Open Dashboard and scrolling to the My Achievements section towards the bottom of the page. If you do not see a "View Certificate" button, your certificate has not (yet) been issued. 

Our Frequently Asked Questions page has more information about digital badges, certificates and enrolling in UTS Open courses.

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