The future of online & professional learning

Online education, transformed 

Earning a single degree and applying it in one industry or organisation is largely a thing of the past. Technological disruption, the emergence of new industries and a new world of work means many of us will have multiple careers throughout our lifetime.

Education is becoming a new constant in our professional lives; something we’ll need to revisit on a regular basis in order to upskill, reskill and explore new career opportunities.

How will you learn about new developments [in your field], remain on top of the latest trends and best practices, and master new technologies that are [emerging] all the time?  Enrolling in long-term university study, like a bachelor’s or master’s degree, isn’t always practical for meeting a short-term need for new skills acquisition. Instead, we’re increasingly turning to university-led short course qualifications – a few hours, days or weeks of highly targeted study designed to get you where you want to go.   

Online learning for professionals

At UTS, short courses are delivered through UTS Open, the university’s gateway to lifelong learning. In areas such as data, technology, IT and related technical fields, UTS Open data analytics courses have been designed for practising technical professionals, non-technical staff who need a fundamental understanding of technology as it relates to their fields, and people looking to explore new topics or a potential career change.

Our short courses are based on the characteristics that UTS is known for: small group learning taught by leading experts that can be personalised to meet participants’ learning needs.

The basic format of our online short courses is between five and 20 people with a strong focus on face-to-face teaching (whether on-site or online in a virtual workroom). Even with education pivoting to online delivery, we’ve taken a decisive stand to maintain this personal engagement as much as possible in a virtual world. We keep to small group sizes, incorporate interactive and discussion-based formats as much as possible, and actively encourage people to bring [their own experiences] to the table.

COVID-19 may have been one of the driving forces behind the changing nature of online learning, but the transformation it has inspired will linger long after the pandemic is over. Stand out in your industry by learning tomorrow’s knowledge today.

Get ahead with short courses and microcredentials from UTS Open.