September 15, 2021
5 min read

Whether you’re looking for a new job or getting ready to climb the ranks where you are, microcredentials can give you a competitive edge.

What are microcredentials?

UTS microcredentials are top tier UTS Open courses, designed for those seeking specialist knowledge at university level. Our microcredentials align with specific UTS subjects and are formally assessed, meaning your acquired skills and knowledge are verified by UTS.

UTS offers microcredentials across a range of areas, with new courses added regularly. Attaining one of these microcredentials means you’ve successfully met the assessment requirements and learning outcomes of the course. If you choose to enrol in a postgraduate degree at UTS, you may also receive recognition of prior learning for your microcredential achievements.

Short courses vs microcredentials – what's the difference?

Short courses and microcredentials have a few things in common.

Both course types:

  • Focus on subject matter designed to help you build critical skills that you can apply in a work context, either now or as part of your future career.
  • Are shorter than a university degree.
  • Are developed by experts and focus on real-world requirements.

Microcredentials are aligned with award course subjects in UTS postgraduate degrees. Successfully completing all assessment requirements rewards you with a UTS Microcredential Certificate of Attainment. A UTS microcredential may qualify for recognition of prior learning at UTS and other institutions.

How can microcredentials benefit you?

UTS microcredentials provide verified recognition of acquired skills and knowledge in a specific area at university level. This means your current or future employers can be assured you have met the course requirements at a high level.

You can also expect:

Deep learning: Gain critical skills and required knowledge that reflects the changing landscape of professional practice and industry.

Acquired skills: Develop the hard and soft skills that will enable you to specialise and innovate in the current and future world of work.

Industry recognised: Gain recognition of your newly attained skills, knowledge, accomplishments and capabilities.

Earn Recognition: Receive a UTS credential when you successfully complete a course which may be eligible to put towards a UTS degree.

Industry connection: Learn from today’s experts via courses made for tomorrow’s challenges – our microcredentials have been developed to respond to industry needs.

What does a microcredential course entail?

A microcredential course has a typical duration of between five and ten weeks of study (depending on the course) with a commitment that may range from approximately five to 15 hours per week. Microcredentials include assessment which is submitted for grading. Typically, there’ll be a combination of weekly self-study as well as face-to-face time, usually virtually, which is recorded in case you can’t attend or want to review later. Many microcredentials include further Q&A sessions you can attend with your facilitator.  

Our online microcredentials are highly interactive with videos, quizzes, activities and exercises that include engagement with your facilitator and fellow participants.  

The skills you need

There’s a lot of talk about ‘hard skills’ and ‘soft skills’ and the sort of mix you’ll need to get ahead in the future world of work as most jobs require a mix of both. Hard skills are quantifiable competencies like measuring water quality, applying building code requirements, or being able to use software, systems or machinery. By contrast, soft skills are more people-oriented and harder to measure – think communication, teamwork, critical thinking and creativity.

UTS microcredentials focus on both soft and hard skills. They are designed with the same level of academic rigour and standards as our postgraduate degrees. Our microcredentials are practical, industry-relevant and forward-thinking and are delivered by UTS academics and industry experts.

Get ahead, stay ahead

The world is changing. Don’t stand still. UTS Open is about lifelong learning and about taking your knowledge to new and greater heights. Take a deep dive into the specific skills that you need to stay ahead.

Ready to grow your knowledge and expertise with university-level study? Start small, achieve big with a UTS microcredential.