Data. Data. Data. Sounds boring or do you see its hidden potential? Data experts are unlocking its power to create change and transform the world for the better. How is data changing your life? Here are three innovative uses happening in Australia right now!

1. Enabling better decisions in a pandemic 

The ongoing pandemic has disrupted everything we know. How do we address its impacts? The UTS Data Science Institute analysed rental and mortgage affordability, remote accessibility, social impact, and public sentiment data to model the social and economic impact of COVID-19 and government policy responses. 

The work resulted in a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform that visually demonstrates the scale of the impact of COVID-19 in all local government areas (LGA) of New South Wales. It enables authorities to engage in quicker evidence-based decision-making for each LGA – critical during such a fast-moving crisis.

2. Getting your NBN connected. Fast. 

Fast and efficient NBN network rollout depends on accurate order forecasts. This means a region-wide technical workforce can be ready for speedy installation and problem resolution. The UTS Data Science Institute collaborated with NBN Co and CSIRO Data61 to unlock a new way of forecasting connection demand by applying modern data analytics and machine learning techniques. The result? A 30% improvement in forecasting accuracy, enabling NBN to deliver a 96% on-time connection rate for 2.3 million new customers.

3. Making sure your train arrives on-time 

No one likes a late train. But how do you make sure they arrive on-time? The UTS Data Science Institute worked with Sydney Trains to crunch track-level data through an advanced machine learning model. 

What does this mean?

Sydney Trains now have better information to anticipate and manage delays as soon as they happen. The next time your train arrives on-time, remember this was a result of data-driven planning!   

There are so many other innovative applications of data and AI around us, and learning how to work with data and AI has never been easier! Be in-demand and upskill with a short course or microcredential.