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Facing up to frailty

Falls. Lengthy hospitalisation. Loss of independence. Nursing home placement. Death. These are some of the consequences of a clinical condition known as frailty. This course will assist you to really face up to frailty – to identify and address it early – and help people live happier, healthier lives at home.

About this course

We often hear the term “frail”, especially as people get older. But what does being frail really mean? Should we accept frailty as a consequence of old age, or can we do something about it? Come and navigate through this taster course to find out how facing up to frailty may just be the missing link to living and ageing well. You’ll hear from people with lived experience of frailty, health professionals and researchers to find out ways to identify and manage frailty, all designed to help people live happier, healthier lives in their own homes and communities for longer.

Course Structure 

  • Is frailty the missing link to living and ageing well?
  • How do you identify someone who is frail, and what to do next?
  • How is frailty addressed?


Why you should do this course?

  • Meet people with lived experience of frailty, health professionals and researchers to gain a better understanding of frailty as a recognised clinical condition.
  • Learn some of the ways that older people, family members and health professionals can identify frailty.
  • Get some ideas for how to address frailty early, and improve the quality of life for people living with frailty.
  • Adapt this information to any setting, regardless of whether you’re a health professional, a family member of someone who is at risk of frailty, an older person, or just curious!

Who is this course for?

This course is for learners who require a nuanced perspective on an ageing population and its challenges, well suited to health care professionals and public administrators.

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Meet the Expert

Dr Debra palesy

Dr Debra palesy

Dr Debra Palesy is a lecturer in the Faculty of Health at UTS. She has 30 years’experience in clinical nursing practice, curriculum development and education for a range of health professionals in both acute care and community-based health care settings.Debra is particularly interested in teaching and learning in socially-isolated health care settings, where workers, such as home care workers and rural nurses,do not have access to direct supervision and support

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Dr Karen Watson

Dr Karen Watson

Dr Karen Watson is an aged care clinician and academic focused on the care needs of older people in a variety of health settings. She is also registered nurse with a background in naturopathy her research has examined complementary therapy interventions for the behavioural management of older people with and without dementia. Dr Watson is particularly interested in supporting the care needs of older people challenged by changes in cognition that can occur with healthy ageing and dementia.Dr Watson holds an adjunct research fellow position with the MARCs Institute of Brain, Behaviour and Development where she is assisting the Time Travelling with Technology project team to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of Google Liquid Galaxy and web resources as an intervention for reducing behavioural and psychological symptoms of people with dementia.Dr Watson currently holds an undergraduate and postgraduate lecturer position where she coordinates and teaches aged care.

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