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Eugenia Figueroa

Eugenia Figueroa
Project Officer, Teaching & Learning Design

Eugenia is passionate about all teaching and learning matters. This includes supporting the professional development of FEIT tutors by enhancing systems and processes that best serve and support casual academics.

Eugenia has been working at UTS since 2003 in various roles within teaching-learning, including long-term experience as a casual academic.

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Beata Francis

Beata Francis
Coordinator, Teaching & Learning Design

Beata is part of several collaborations to advance engineering and information technology education. She brings latest pedagogical expertise honed over 30 years’ experience from across all education sectors.

Beata has special interests in organisational cultural change and co-design pedagogy. She offers coaching, mentoring and facilitation for training in educational professional learning.

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Delwar Hossain

Delwar Hossain
Learning Design & Technology Specialist, IML

Holding a PhD in electrical engineering, Delwar has a passion for teaching and learning. He started working as a tutor at UTS in 2012 and also has teaching experience at other universities in Australia and overseas.

Delwar has worked in a number of roles to help transform higher education teaching and learning practices. He is currently working as a Learning Design and Technology Specialist at IML, UTS.

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Jasmine Tekmen-Araci

Jasmine Tekmen-Araci
Learning Designer, Teaching & Learning Design

Jasmine has an interest in whole program design and first year student experience. She has expertise in design studio teaching in multidisciplinary environments. Her research interest is based on creativity in engineering design education.

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Justine Lawson

Justine Lawson
Manager, Teaching & Learning Design

Justine is passionate about working with academics to inspire students. She has expertise in qualitative assessment, higher education pedagogy and engineering education. Justine also works directly with the School of Professional Practice and Leadership.

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Dr Ian Zucker

Dr Ian Zucker
Learning Designer, Teaching & Learning Design

Ian has particular interest and expertise in higher education learning and teaching, especially with respect to assessment design, contract cheating and learning analytics. He has adjacent interests in cultural change with respect to gender and engineering. Where possible, he brings a feminist curiosity to the foreground of his work.

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In this course, you will learn about important higher education principles in teaching and learning, hear from students and staff at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT) and reflect on your own teaching practice and preparation. We have designed this course to prepare you to make the most of your teaching, as well as support students in engineering and information technology to make the most of their learning.

About this course

Participate in this course through interpreting valuable information on each page and connect your learning with the tasks and activities using the tutor continuous reflection log. The information is both scholarly and applied in authentic learning environments.

By the end of the course you will be able to recognise your teaching ability and what steps to take to improve it by using feedback, plan and deliver tutorial sessions using teaching strategies to engage students actively in learning and demonstrate concern for student learning by recognising students and building relationships. You will also be able to provide clear explanations on assessment/coursework to stimulate students intellectually and be able to comment on student work in ways that help improve their learning and stay motivated.

Course structure

Tutoring in Higher Education is flexible and broad in nature. There are three modules arranged to provide you with the best opportunity to become a quality educator. 

Module 1 - Call to Action

  • This module gives you a student perspective on what matters to them: CARE.

Module 2 - Look in the Mirror

  • Cleverly titled to highlight the benefit of looking at yourself in view of improving yourself.

Module 3 - Sharpen Your Tools

  • This module is presented on tiles. Click on each tile to reveal strategies that you can use in class to plan and deliver lessons, provide a positive learning environment, engage students, set up active learning and provide feedback. These strategies can be downloaded as 'tool cards' and used in your tutorials.

Note - the course is supported by pedagogical literature. You will find a reference page at the end of module 2.

Learning outcomes

  • Engage students actively in learning
  • Demonstrate concern for student learning
  • Provide clear explanations on assessment/coursework
  • Stimulate students intellectually
  • Comment on student work in ways that help student's learning
  • Be helpful and approachable.

Additional course information

Use the continuous reflection log to keep a running journal and record of your learning. This may be used in interview situations and follow-up training opportunities.

Enrolment instructions

Please note you will need to register an account before signing up to this course. Express checkout is not available for this free short course. 

Enrolment conditions

Course enrolment is subject to UTS Open Terms and Conditions. 

COVID-19 response 

UTS complies with latest Government health advice. Delivery of all courses complies with the UTS response to COVID-19.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for:

  • PhD students aiming to become tutors at FEIT
  • Anybody interested in teaching at UTS
  • Anyone teaching or wanting to teach in higher education, who wants to find practical ways to improve engagement in student learning.

Please note you will need to register an account before signing up to this course. Express checkout is not available for this free short course. 

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Expert: Eugenia Figueroa, Beata Francis, Delwar Hossain, Jasmine Tekmen-Araci, Justine Lawson, Dr Ian Zucker
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Please note you will need to register an account before signing up to this course. Express checkout is not available for this free short course. 

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