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Managing Modern Industrial Automation

$ 1,990.00


04 June


Mixed (online and in-person)


8 wks


Avg 5 hrs/wk

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Lead Academic

Andrea Trianni

Andrea Trianni
Associate Professor in Production System Design, Deputy Head of School (Research)

Andrea has almost 15 years of academic experience in advanced manufacturing and production system design in Australia and Italy. As a core member of the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing at UTS, his main teaching and research interests involve design and management of production systems, with a focus on improved sustainability and competitiveness of industrial enterprises. He has managed a number of projects on the investigation of advanced solutions for improved productivity of industrial enterprises, including Industry 4.0 solutions for energy productivity.

Recently, Andrea has led the CRC RACE for2030 Opportunity Assessment project, aimed at exploring the potential of Industry 4.0 for energy productivity in Australia. Within the NSW government-sponsored Associate Degree in Advanced Manufacturing, he has designed, coordinated and lectured the subject on Production System Design. He has extensive experience of tailored academic and professional short courses on production system design and improved industrial energy efficiency.

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This microcredential leverages the industrial automation capabilities and expertise of UTS and Siemens, providing participants with a broad understanding of how modern industrial automation can transform manufacturing businesses.

About this microcredential

Managing Modern Industrial Automation offers numerous advantages for professionals operating in today's dynamic manufacturing landscape. By comprehending and implementing modern industrial automation solutions, businesses can enhance efficiency and productivity while meeting escalating demands cost-effectively.

This microcredential will allow you to explore the potential that modern industrial automation solutions offer to improve competitiveness and sustainability performance in industrial operations. It is ideal for those keen on exploring the potential of Industry 4.0 solutions to enhance efficiency, productivity, and quality in manufacturing processes and fosters global market readiness by providing insights into international standards and practices, enabling organisations to expand their presence globally and explore offshore markets effectively.

Key benefits of this microcredential

This microcredential has been designed to equip you to:

  • Apply modern industrial automation solutions for the improvement of competitiveness and sustainability performance in industrial operations
  • Generate a framework to assess the implications of decisions around automation
  • Understand the layers and core technologies of modern industrial automation
  • Assess the impact of adopting a set of industry 4.0 technologies within production systems.

This microcredential aligns with the 3-credit point subject, Managing Modern Industrial Automation (42137) in a number of postgraduate offerings. For the full list of courses, see "Microcredential subject alignment" below in the "Additional course information" section.

This microcredential may qualify for recognition of prior learning at this and other institutions.

Who should do this microcredential?

This microcredential is targeted at business representatives across different sectors including engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and production who are seeking to introduce modern automation technologies to improve efficiency and productivity within their operations. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Individuals and employees of Australian SMEs
  • Operation executives
  • Production engineers
  • Maintenance managers
  • Anyone responsible for optimising production line efficiency and throughput.


Full price: $1,990 (GST-free)*

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Enrolment conditions

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Additional course information

Course outline

The following content will be covered during the course:

Module 1: Introduction to advanced and sustainable manufacturing strategies

  • Production systems, classification and process presentation techniques

Module 2: Performance measurement in industrial operations

  • Performance measurement in operations

Module 3: Modern Industrial automation in the manufacturing industry

  • Evolution of industrial automation and the automation pyramid
  • Relevance of data and data science as a key technology enabler

Module 4: From industrial automation to industry 4.0

  • Fundamentals of (industrial) Internet of Things
  • Cyber-physical systems and digital twins
  • Industrial robots and cobots.  

Course learning objectives

Upon successful completion of this microcredential, participants should be able to: 

  • Understand the main elements of factory physics, performance, and quality indicators associated with production systems
  • Apply methods and techniques to redesign production systems considering modern industrial automation and industry 4.0 technologies
  • Assess the impact of adopting a set of industry 4.0 technologies within production systems.  


The assessment task aims to support your learning journey as you explore the potential of automation. You will draw on management knowledge and professional industry experiences to inform the context for the assignment. Feedback loops have been incorporated into the live sessions and interactive online exercises, allowing you to receive formative feedback in preparation for the assessment task. Through analysing industrial automation configurations and redesigning elements of your companies’ industrial operations, your decisionmaking processes should be enhanced, enabling improvement in the competitiveness and sustainability of industrial operations.

An overall grade of 50 per cent or more is required in order to pass the microcredential.



  • To complete this online course, you will need a personal computer with adequate internet access and sufficient software and bandwidth to support web conferencing. You will also require an operating system with a web browser compatible with CanvasZoom and Microsoft Teams.

Microcredential subject alignment

This microcredential aligns with the 3-credit point subject, Managing Modern Industrial Automation (42137) in the following postgraduate offerings:

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Tue 04 Jun 2024-
Tue 30 Jul 2024
Expert: Andrea Trianni
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  • Mixed (online and in-person)
  • 8 sessions, 18 hours total

This course is delivered through a combination of live Zoom/Microsoft Teams virtual classes (1 x 2 hr sessions per week) and self-paced study. There are also in-person lab sessions which are held on-campus.

Enrolments close Saturday, 1 June 2024 (AEST) or when all places have been filled, whichever occurs first. 


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