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Why local government matters

Local matters! How does a place shape us? Can localism or regionalism be used to create positive change for local communities?

We'll be exploring these questions in this short taster course. Along the way, we'll think about long-standing debates on local vs state vs federal government. You’ll learn from experts about how place influences politics

1 hour
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About this course

Appealing to local identity can be a powerful force for successfully managing change as an element of local government. But how much do you know about these concepts?

Course structure

  1. Localism as an ideology
  2. How localism and place-shaping can be a powerful force for managing change
  3. Potential drawbacks of localism and place-shaping in two Australian case-studies

Why you should do this course

If you are interested in ‘thinking globally’ and ‘acting locally’ to bring about change; or if you are interested in a career in local government OR improving your career in local government—or all three. Learn more and further grow your knowledge within Local Government with a UTS Master of Local Government.

Meet the experts

Discover why Local Government has an important role to play in our lives.

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