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Make your own podcast

Anyone can make a podcast. But where do you start? This course takes the mystery out of podcasting, guiding you step by step through each stage of making your own podcast from idea to finished product. By the end of this course you’ll have a podcast on iTunes!

About this course

Have you listened to podcasts and thought “I could do that”? Well, you can! In this practical course we’ll show you how to make and publish your very own podcast for the world to hear. Tamson Pietsch, host of award-winning podcast History Lab, will guide you through the process and make a new podcast of her own alongside you.

Along the way you’ll learn from experts in the field, who will share their insights and advice on everything from narrative suspense and recording interviews to podcast artwork and monetisation. With their help you’ll analyse some of their favourite podcasts to learn how to create audio stories that stick.

In addition to this expert knowledge, the course is packed with hands-on activities that will enable you to develop a podcast episode that will keep your audience hooked from start to finish. You’ll draft scripts, gather sound effects and practice recording yourself as you craft your podcast. You’ll gain the confidence to tell stories artfully and ethically. By the end of the course, you’ll have published your podcast across all major podcast platforms.

Through this course, you will develop an understanding of how to structure a podcast and keep your audience engaged. You will gain the confidence to tell stories artfully and to draw listeners in, alongside a primer in the critical areas of scripting, voice performance and hosting.

The final step will be engaging with marketing and monetisation: how to take your podcast to market and develop an audience. You will also deal with the critical question of whether (and how) to monetise your podcast.

Some of the award-winning experts you’ll get to hear from include:

  • Tamson Pietsch, Host of History Lab and GLAM city podcasts and Director, Australian Centre for Public History
  • Emma Lancaster, Executive Producer History Lab Podcast, Audio Producer ABC Audio Studios
  • Miles Martignoni, Podcast Editor, The Guardian Australia
  • Tracey Holmes, Journalist and Presenter, ABC News Radio and The Ticket podcast
  • Eurydice Aroney, Walkley-award winning journalist and Senior Lecturer, Journalism Program UTS
  • Melanie Withnall, Manager, ABC Radio Sydney

Course structure

  • What’s your idea?
  • Planning
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Getting your podcast out there

Why you should do this course

  • Kickstart your podcasting career
  • Be guided step by step through the process of making a podcast from start to finish
  • Get insights and tips from podcasting experts
  • Learn about planning, recording, narrative, vocal performance, music, monetisation, platforms and publishing
  • Gain audio and writing skills for the Master of Advanced Journalism
  • Learn with academics from UTS’s Master of Advanced Journalism

Who is this course for?

This course suits learners who are engaged sound media and are interested in developing their skills in podcasting. 

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Meet the Expert

Dr Tamson Pietsch

Dr Tamson Pietsch
Senior Lecturer

Tamson Pietsch is Director of the Australian Centre for Public History at UTS. She is interested in ideas and how they get made – both in the past and today. Tamson believes that thinking about where we’ve come from and where we want to go really matters – both for individuals and for society – and she is passionate about doing history with public audiences. As well as hosting History Lab, Tamson also co-hosts 2SER’s GLAMcity radio show.

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Emma Lancaster

Emma Lancaster
Executive Producer

Emma is an award winning multi-platform journalist. She has a Master of Arts in Journalism and is the Executive Producer of History Lab. She is currently an audio producer for Unravel, and has worked as a producer and researcher for ABC Radio National, ABC’s true crime podcast Trace and long form investigative program Background Briefing. She joined 2SER as the Executive Producer of The Wire, community radio’s flagship national current affairs program in 2016.
Radio and investigative journalism are Emma’s two passions. She loves the medium of audio as it allows her to tell cracking yarns and give a platform to voices that are often not heard. Emma was also the Executive Producer of Just Words, 2SER’s first original investigative

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Miles Martignoni

Miles Martignoni
Podcast Editor

Miles works at Guardian Australia as their podcast producer where he Executive Produced their #1 charting series The Reckoning with David Marr. He’s the Senior Podcast Producer at 2SER 107.3 and in the past has worked for ABC Local Radio and created programs for Radio National. Miles has taught audio production and journalism at AFTRs as well as Macquarie, Sydney and Wollongong Universities. His production company Heaps Good Media has created podcasts for City of Sydney, the WWF, Fairfax, the NRL, The Cancer Council, Sydney Festival and The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

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Eurydice Aroney

Eurydice Aroney
Senior Lecturer

Eurydice Aroney is an award-winning radio journalist who has received national and international acclaim for her radio documentaries. Her work has been broadcast in Canada, Europe, Ireland, Britain and the United States. Her latest feature La Revolte de Prostituees (2015) was commissioned by Radio France and Radio Belgium. Eurydice is also a foot soldier in the campaign for sex work law reform and the decriminalisation of sex work.

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Melanie Withnall

Melanie Withnall
Manager, ABC Radio Sydney

Melanie has over 10 years’ experience in radio production and broadcast, most recently as the head of community radio station 2SER. During her tenure at 2SER she has driven the station’s digital evolution, including website performance and award-winning podcasts. She won the 2015 Community
Broadcastings Association of Australia’s National award for ‘Best Digital Media Initiative for Pop Up Digital Radio Station’ and the Tony Staley Award for ‘Excellence in Community Broadcasting’. Melanie is currently the manager of ABC Radio Sydney, home to some of Australia’s most popular podcasts including Trace, All In The Mind, and Conversations.

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