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Developing mobile cloud-based applications

Cloud, mobile and IoT are driving the need for a new development approach. This two-day course introduces the Unicorn Application Framework with practical examples from the entire development lifecycle.

About this course

Wide adoption of cloud computing and the proliferation of mobile and IoT devices has created a situation where existing software development frameworks no longer support the requirements of modern enterprise applications. This rapidly evolving situation is creating demand for new frameworks that facilitate the DevOps approach and support continuous delivery of cloud-based applications using containerized microservices.

In this course, we first discuss the challenges that developers of enterprise applications face today and then describe the Unicorn Application Framework (UAF) and its key components. UAF is a suite of closely integrated frameworks that address a comprehensive range of requirements of modern mobile cloud-based applications over the entire systems development life-cycle. The course includes practical demonstrations of cloud applications that illustrate the capabilities of the UAF, including scenarios involving the integration of IoT devices.

Course structure


  • Current IT technology trends
  • Developing applications for the cloud
  • DevOps and microservices
  • Container-based applications
  • Examples of container management frameworks


Unicorn Universe User Interface framework

  • Development of cross-platform graphical user interfaces using components


Development of cloud-based applications

  • NodeJS
  • Java
  • Other environments


Unicorn Universe Cloud

  • Management of multi-cloud environments (Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.)
  • Automating application deployment
  • Dynamic management of computer resources
  • Support for multitenant applications


Unicorn Universe Process

  • Life-cycle methodology for developing mobile cloud-based applications


Demonstrations of UAF applications and case studies

  • Large-scale container-based applications
  • IoT applications


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the requirements of modern cloud-based enterprise applications and the challenges of cross-platform development in large-scale cloud environments
  • Understand the benefits and key principles of Microservices Architecture
  • Understand the role of frameworks in the development mobile cloud-based applications and IoT applications
  • Understand the key principles and benefits of the Unicorn Application Framework

Who is this course for?

This course is particularly relevant for IT professionals wishing to gain knowledge of methods for developing cross-platform applications for mobile and IoT devices deployed on cloud platforms.



30 April




2 days

Meet the Expert

Dr George Feuerlicht

Dr George Feuerlicht
Dr George Feuerlicht

Dr George Feuerlicht has been researching and publishing on cloud computing developments for over a decade, and has presented seminars and professional development courses in Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA. George is the author of over 100 publications across a range of topics in computer science and holds a PhD from Imperial College London.

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Dr Vladimir Kovar

Dr Vladimir Kovar
Dr Vladimir Kovar

Dr Vladimir Kovar graduated in Mathematical Engineering at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague and received his PhD at the Faculty of Informatics and Management at the University of Hradec Kralove. In 1990, Vladimir is the founder of Unicorn, the largest provider of IT solutions for private and government organizations in the Czech Republic

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Dr Marek Beranek

Dr Marek Beranek

Dr Marek Beranek graduated in at the Faculty of Informatics and Management at the University of Hradec Kralove in the Czech Republic. Marek has extensive experience in the area of software development and project management. In 2007, he joined Unicorn College as the managing director. Marek is a project manager and a business architect of the CERN ATLAS ITk Production Database that is being developed by Unicorn College for CERN. 

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Thu 30 Apr 2020 -
Fri 01 May 2020
Expert: Dr George Feuerlicht
  • 30 April and 1 May 2020, 9am-5pm | UTS City Campus
  • On-campus

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