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Management and Governance of Data Science Initiatives

The course will enable you to evaluate the capabilities of your own or a client’s organisation to deliver data science initiatives. You’ll learn to set up structures and processes to govern and manage these programs to deliver their intended benefits.


About this course

Big data and data analytics are being used increasingly by project and program-based organisations to deliver value to their customers. However, many organisations are not well-equipped to manage programs and projects that use these technologies to drive strategic decision making. Also not established are adequate governance structures to manage data science initiatives.

This course presents aspects of organisational project management to managers to help implement their organisation’s strategies through data science initiative programs. Due to the emergent nature of data science initiatives, novel approaches are required to manage them effectively and ensure they create value for the organisation.

Senior managers and program managers will learn to plan and deliver data science programs and projects effectively during this course. It will also enable participants to adapt novel approaches to deliver data science initiatives and formulate suitable governance structures to deliver these programs. We showcase real case studies from organisations that have delivered successful data science initiatives as examples of how the programs are planned and implemented.


Full price: $2,500 (GST-free)*

*Price subject to change. Please check price at time of purchase.

Discounts are available for this course. For further details and to verify if you qualify, please check the Discounts section under Additional course information.

Enrolment conditions

COVID-19 response

Additional course information

Course outline

The course will comprise lectures, activities and case studies to provide active learning opportunities through interactive quizzes, group work and individual assignments. Participants will also be provided with pre-readings to prepare for the classes, which will be conducted via four online sessions. Participants can use the learning management system and multimedia resources to enhance their study.

Data management and case studies

  • Learn about 10 knowledge areas from the data management body of knowledge (DMBok), including data governance, data architecture, data modelling & design, data storage, data security, data integration & interoperability, documents & contents, reference & master data, data warehousing & business intelligence and data quality.
  • Identify the data governance roles for one key data-set from your organisation.
  • Identify key data management challenges from your organisation and develop a plan to address them.

Data science initiatives delivery and case studies

  • Learn about unique characteristics of data science initiatives
  • Learn about agile frameworks
  • Learn about data science methodologies
  • Learn about technology landscape and role & skills-sets required on the delivery team
  • Learn about data science initiatives delivery framework
  • Identify a use-case from your organisation and construct a program delivery structure.

Apply data management and data science delivery techniques

  • For the use-case identified in the section above, identify key data-sets, data governance roles, conceptual data model and integration requirements
  • For the use-case identified in the section above, identify technologies, delivery governance structure, roles and responsibilities and delivery roadmap
  • Develop a 1000-word report and 8–10-minute presentation about the identified case study.

Course delivery

Delivery of this course will include lectures on key concepts, presentations by guest lecturers on applications of concepts using case studies and active learning opportunities through targeted activities that will be integrated throughout the sessions (group work, in-class presentations by groups).

Learning strategies include the use of pre-readings and/or multimedia content to prepare for the course.  In addition, online reference and resource material is provided that will be available throughout the semester, and relevant topics that relate to subject topics will also be posted from time to time to demonstrate relevance on the course content. Feedback will be provided on formal assignment submissions during the classes and after the course.

Course learning objectives

  • Ability to effectively use oral and written communication at professional levels
  • Ability to adapt program and project management knowledge to data science initiatives
  • Ability to apply methods and tools to analyse data and information required to manage data science initiatives
  • Ability to lead and manage program teams delivering data science initiatives
  • Ability to think critically and synthesis complex data.



To complete this online course you will need a personal computer with adequate internet access, web conferencing capability and an operating system with a web browser compatible with the UTS Canvas Learning Management System and Zoom conferencing.


Following assessments will be used to reinforce the learning from the course:

  • Formative quizzes: A series of short quizzes to evaluate data management and data science initiatives understanding (Not assessed)
  • Concept Mapping to capture lessons learned: Share mapped concepts (10%)
  • Key Learnings Report from Case Studies: 3-5 min oral presentation to a facilitator sharing key learnings from case studies presented (30%)
  • Data Management & Data Science Initiatives Delivery Report & Presentation: 1000-word report: participants will use and apply the methodologies explored throughout the modules of this course on a case-study from their organisation and do an 8-10 mins presentation it to the class. (60%)


Discounts are available for this course as follows:

  • 50% discount for more than 5 enrolments from the same organisation.
  • 15% discount for UTS alumni, students and staff
  • 15% discount for professional membership of PMI, AIPM, ACS, RICS, IEAust
  • 15% discount for members of Transport NSW, Australian Defence, CSIRO.

Discounts cannot be combined and only one discount can be applied per person per course session. Discounts can only be applied to the full price. Discounts cannot be applied to any offered special price. 

How to obtain your discount voucher code

  • Please contact the team at with your student number, details of group enrolments or details of professional membership to obtain your discount voucher code. Note that group enrolments will not be validated until the minimum number of criteria enrolments have been received.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for, but not limited to:

  • Senior management responsible for strategy formulation
  • Managers of strategic project management offices
  • Portfolio managers
  • Program managers
  • Program sponsors
  • Members of program steering committees
  • Data Science professionals.






4 wks


4 wks

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