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The internet of things

The Internet of Things refers to the ever-expanding network of physical objects and their connection to one another through the Internet. In this course, you will get to explore the basic technology powering the Internet of Things, and consider the possibilities that lie ahead for businesses, governments and communities in preparing for a networked and connected future.

About this course

The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, but what’s it all really about? In this course, developed by UTS Industry Professor Emmanuel Mastio and CEO of the Internet of Things Alliance Australia Frank Zeichner, we take you behind the hype to show you the technology behind the IoT and the conditions that make for useful IoT applications.

Learn about sensors and actuators, the building blocks of the IoT, as well as the technological and historical conditions that have led to the expansion of the IoT. What will be the next IoT breakthrough? Where will it happen? After working through this course, you’ll be better prepared to answer these questions.

You will get to see existing examples of the IoT in action and develop a framework for seeing the world through an IoTreadiness lens, which will help you and your organisation better prepare for an IoT future.

Course structure

  • Introducing the Internet of Things
  • What enables the Internet of Things
  • Technical context and perspectives
  • Adoption and implementation
  • Realising the potential of the Internet of Things


Why you should do this course

  • Learn how to define and explain the what the Internet of Things is all about
  • Develop a framework for solving business problems through the use of technology
  • Hear from authorities in the field to see where the trends are heading
  • Explore cases and examples where the Internet of Things has been applied for sustainable communities
  • To take the next step and gain some of the critical knowledge required for The Internet of Things and enrol in a Master of Engineering

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who want to upskill and keep up to date with technology trends and learn how a connected world can benefit them. 

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Meet the Expert

Emmanuel Mastio

Emmanuel Mastio
Industry Professor

Emmanuel Mastio joined UTS in 2016 as a full time Industry Professor. Beforehand, he spent 7 years at Bosch Siemens GmbH and 9 years at Zodiac Ltd. His roles ranged from project manager, innovation manager, R&D director, and chairman of innovation process. During the course of his career, Emmanuel has creatively and rigorously led programs which delivered breakthrough products and services to the market, across many disciplines and cultural contexts.  As a prolific inventor and an accomplished innovator, he is passionate about training the next generation of intrapreneurs and in helping established organisation re-invent themselves. Emmanuel’s research focuses on evaluating innovation potentials within organisations, while mapping business inertias and knowledge gaps to overcome them.

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Frank Zeichner

Frank Zeichner
Industry Associate Professor

Frank Zeichner is an industry leader and influencer in building the collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) eco-system in Australia and is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the IoT Alliance Australia, the peak Australia IoT body. He is also Director of the UTS Knowledge.

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