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Australian telecoms overview

This half day course provides a clear overview of 4G/5G mobile networks and fixed broadband, with a focus on the Australian market. The course covers the background, context, key technologies and features of 4G LTE and 5G networks and the NBN, and explores new and improved commercial use-cases.

About this course

The course begins with a brief overview of 4G mobile technologies, and how radio spectrum allocations underpin differences between Australian mobile network operators. 5G network capabilities, both current and future, are then outlined from an Australian context.

The NBN business model, architecture and fixed broadband technologies are then examined, along with future NBN capabilities. The course concludes with an overview of the NBN pricing model, and the fundamental impact which it has on the Australian Telecoms landscape.

Course structure

4G and 5G Mobile Service Overview

  • LTE and 4G: Long Term Evolution (LTE) – the technology behind 4G. Performance and network overview. Recent 4G developments.
  • 5G Overview: 5G applications and use cases. 5G services and performance. Australian 5G rollouts.
  • 4G and 5G in Australia: Radio spectrum for mobile services: current allocations, upcoming auctions. Australian mobile service provider comparison.


NBN Technologies, Policy and Pricing

  • NBN Overview: Wholesale services. Rationale behind “Multi Technology Model”. How the NBN architecture impacts service providers.
  • NBN Broadband Access Technologies: Local Loop architectures, and Fibre to the Node/Fibre to the Curb rationale. Cable Broadband (HFC). Fibre to the Premises (FTTP).

NBN Pricing Model: Access Virtual Circuit (AVC) and Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) pricing. Key issues. Recent NBN pricing change.


Learning outcomes

  • Describe key 5G use cases and emerging applications enabled by 5G
  • Describe the current state of the Australian 5G rollout, and the 5G strategies of respective service providers
  • Outline the NBN objectives and business case, and describe the wholesale service model
  • Outline the performance enhancements from future NBN technology upgrades


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Who is this course for?

The rollout of the NBN and 5G and new and improved services enabled are impacting a wide range of roles and industries. This course caters to those from both technical and non-technical backgrounds from a range of fields including:

  • Network operations
  • Vendors
  • Service providers
  • Application developers
  • Finance, government and commercial services.
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