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An overview of prostate cancer

This course will provide an overview of prostate cancer including the medical process, diagnosis, treatment options, side effect management and the psychosocial issues that impact men (and their partners/families) diagnosed with prostate cancer.

About this course

As a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse you are in the position to make a difference to the care of men (and their families) when they are diagnosed and living with prostate cancer. It is important to have an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the disease process as well as the diagnosis and  treatment options to support men in decision making and managing possible side effects. Psychosocial care is also a large part of your role. Join us on this learning journey to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a profound difference to men’s experience of living with prostate cancer.

Course structure 

In this course you will meet a number of men like Barry and Mick, who share their experiences of diagnosis, treatment and managing side effects. We will follow these men throughout your learning experience. Their partners, prostate cancer experts and experienced Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses will also provide their insights, offering information you can use in your day to day role.

Topics include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the prostate
  • Initial medical review for suspected prostate issues
  • Prostate specific antigen testing
  • Diagnosis using biopsy and imaging
  • Treatment options
  • Side effect management
  • Psychosocial issues and survivorship

This course is interactive, providing space for you to share your experiences and learn from others. Role plays and reflections will help you learn how to manage consultations. You will complete assessments along the way using the resources provided before checking your answers to cement your knowledge. The skills and knowledge you gain by completing this course will help you provide holistic and supportive healthcare to men with prostate cancer.


Learning outcomes

  • Identify the fundamental anatomical and physiological features of the prostate
  • Describe the patient experience of prostate cancer investigation and diagnosis
  • Interpret pathology and imaging reports to patients and their carers
  • Explain the treatment options for low, intermediate, and high grade prostate cancer to the patient and their carers
  • Explain the side effects of surgery, radiotherapy and androgen deprivation therapy to the patient and their carers
  • Assess the psychosocial impact of prostate cancer on patients and their carers and develop a care plan


Who is this course for?

Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses affiliated with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

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