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NoSQL: Addressing data management challenges of modern applications

This 2-day practical course covers advanced SQL features and NoSQL databases with particular focus on document databases. The course includes practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises using the Oracle DBMS and MongoDB.

About this course

Increases in the volume and complexity of data that organizations need to manage are challenging traditional approaches to data management. To address such challenges relational database implementations (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server) have been extended to include a range of advanced SQL features that support the management of complex data objects. More recently, a new generation of non-relational databases have emerged known under the umbrella term NoSQL. NoSQL databases include a diverse range of products designed to manage different types of data, in particular large-scale cloud databases. This practical course introduces key features of advanced SQL and NoSQL.

Course structure


  • Challenges of managing complex data
  • Limitations of relational database technology


Advanced SQL

  • Large Objects
  • User Defined Types
  • Object Identifiers and References
  • Collections: Variable Arrays and Nested Tables
  • Object types and methods


Management of semi-structured data

  • XML and JSON data types


Overview of NoSQL databases

  • Document databases
  • Column databases
  • Graph databases
  • In-memory databases, etc.
  • NoSQL examples: MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, etc.


NoSQL concepts and techniques

  • Horizontal scalability and sharding
  • Schema-less data
  • CAP theorem
  • Data replication and BASE consistency


MongoDB architecture, features and tools

  • Instances,
  • Databases,
  • Collections
  • Documents and indexing,
  • CRUD operations
  • Tunable consistency
  • MongoDB on AWS
  • MongoDB Compass



  • SQL vs NoSQL- benefits and drawbacks
  • Future developments


Learning outcomes

  • Understand the requirements of modern database applications and the challenges of managing large volumes of semi-structured data
  • Apply advanced SQL features as implemented in Oracle DBMS
  • Understand the characteristics of different types of NoSQL databases and basic NoSQL concepts and techniques
  • Understand key MongoDB architecture and features
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of NoSQL and its suitability for specific application scenarios


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Who is this course for?

This course is particularly relevant for IT professionals wishing to enhance their knowledge of database technology, in particular database developers and administrators involved in projects dealing with complex data.

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