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Natural language processing masterclass

Chatbots - computer programs that converse by text or voice – are just one example of natural language processing, or NLP. NLP is a fundamental component of artificial intelligence, allowing computers to understand language and generate human-like responses. It can help organisations save costs and increase customer satisfaction. Gain an understanding of NLP and how to best utilise it in your business.

About this course

You’ll start with an introduction to NLP and its main applications. Review the key concepts of classifiers and machine learning, including popular approaches such as deep learning and reinforcement learning. See a real NLP application (topic modelling) at work and get an overview of conversational AI and virtual assistants. As privacy and ethics are crucial to NLP - and all of AI - you'll also look at the legal, ethical and technical issues surrounding NLP.

Course structure

  • Introduction to the Masterclass: Aims and objectives
  • An introduction to NLP and a bird’s eye view of its main tasks
  • What you need to know of classifiers and deep learning
  • Activity: questions & answers on the sessions
  • A more in-depth view of an NLP task: topic modelling
  • Conversational AI
  • Privacy and ethics in NLP


Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand how NLP operates and its potential for performance
  • Identify key NLP tasks: entity recognition, machine translation, question answering, automated summarisation, chatbots and more
  • Outline the main components of the development cycle of an NLP application


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Who is this course for?

Course participants may include executives and managers in agencies and corporations that are using - or considering using - NLP in their activities.

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