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Making decisions in uncertainty

How well do you make decisions? Assessing data and risk is key to how we understand the world and make decisions. You’ll explore making decisions and risk from an evidence-based approach.

3-5 hours
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About this course

Everyday we make decisions – big and small. But there are lots of ways in which we could make better, more informed decisions. Our biases and preconceptions can lead us to make poor assumptions about the world, and data is often presented in a misleading way.

This course will take you through a case study about bushfire – how do you assess risk in such an uncertain situation? You’ll start to think about how data can be manipulated but also how it can be unpacked to make realistic assumptions... you will explore basic probability and tools such as decision trees to help you make better decisions in your own context.

Finally, you will get the chance to apply and share your own decisions about data.

Course structure

  1. Make decisions with uncertain information and dealing with ignorance
  2. Navigate and evaluate types of evidence and their strengths/weaknesses
  3. Understand the implications of cognitive bias in decision making

Why you should do this course

  • Learn about the role of uncertainty in decision making, with hands-on exercises and tools
  • Find out how risk literate you are
  • Gain practical insights through a case study of bushfire risk
  • Gain a taster of how we work in the UTS Master of Data and Science Innovation

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Learn how data can be used to make better decisions in ambiguous situations

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