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What does Facebook know about you?

Facebook is rarely out of the news, in part over concern about how much it’s shaping our consumption of that news. But what data does Facebook have on us, and how can that data be used?

3-5 hours
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About this course

In this course, interdisciplinary researchers will guide you through some of the practical methods and tools you can use to investigate Facebook’s data on you – even if you don’t have an account with them!

Course structure

  1. What does Facebook know?
  2. How well does Facebook know you?
  3. Data leaks, breaches, access and privacy
  4. A challenge to test the knowledge that you have gained

Why you should do this course

  • Find out what data Facebook has about you, with hands-on exercise and tools
  • Learn what your data says about you, and how that can be used to influence you
  • Gain practical insight into issues of privacy and data ethics
  • Gain a taster of how we work in the UTS Master of Data and Science Innovation

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Want to learn about what data Facebook has on you? Wonder no more and start learning now!

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