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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

In this age of disruption, entrepreneurial skills are vital. They are the key to creating both businesses and social change. In this course we will take you behind the scenes to demystify buzzwords and see how startups operate in the real world. Together we'll learn the key stages of entrepreneurship and explore career pathways. We’ll also give you the tools to embark on your own entrepreneurial journey.

3-9 hours
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About this course

Want to take charge of your career path? In a globalised world with constant change and technological advancement, entrepreneurial skills are vital — whether you want to start a business yourself, be innovative within a company, create social change, or better define any pathway you may pursue. UTS has created this course to help you build a strong understanding of entrepreneurship to kickstart your journey. We’ve brought together UTS entrepreneurship experts to share their insights and experiences on what it actually is, and unpack buzzwords that you might hear.

In this course, you’ll learn about key entrepreneurial terms, explore examples of entrepreneurship locally and globally, and recognise how much value it can bring both socially and economically. You’ll be introduced to different methods of thinking and how to apply them in any situation of creative problem-solving. You’ll be guided on the multi-faceted possibilities of entrepreneurial pathways in the real world. And you’ll be inspired to start your own entrepreneurial journey within the ecosystem of your city by exploring and testing potential opportunities.

Course structure

  1. What is entrepreneurship?
  2. Think like an entrepreneur
  3. Where can entrepreneurship take you?
  4. The entrepreneurial journey
  5. Where to now?

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