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Designing out Problems

We live in exciting times. Yet living now isn’t always easy. Problems today are complex and dynamic and require a shift in thinking. Here, we take you through the steps of framing and reframing your problems. You’ll learn design skills to address problems that you may have previously placed in the too-hard basket.

3-5 hours
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About this course

Complex problems are to be found in every profession, as well as our personal lives. That’s why we’ll use a range of design tools and techniques to help you develop new ways of seeing the world, as well as new ways of thinking and acting upon it. The methodology that you will learn is frame creation – a design based innovation methodology. Through this guiding framework you will map out the nature of your problem. The emphasis is on learning through experience, reflecting on what you have learnt and trying out what you have learnt. UTS academics and design practitioners share practical examples and advice from the Design Innovation Research Centre, and we’ll also hear from UTS Professor Kees Dorst, an internationally recognised design expert. You’ll also be able to download templates and resources as a toolkit to apply to your design problems beyond this course.

Course structure

In this course we will take you through the first steps to designing out problems through a framing methodology. You’ll learn how to:

  1. develop a design mindset
  2. define a problem
  3. dig deep and clarify problems

Why you should do this course

To help you develop design skills to solve complex professional problems, we'll work through examples and activities. You'll get the chance to:

  • learn from academics and expert about design-thinking basics
  • reflect on your own problem-solving skills within own practice/profession
  • share and brainstorm new ideas with others.
  • Gain insights from Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Innovation

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